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Built for the Customer...

Started in 1983, Owner/President Lou Flynn founded Goldenwest Plywood & Lumber with one goal in mind; to create a hardwood supplier that put the customer first. As the company has grown, Lou made sure the focus on this goal was never lost. To this day, Goldenwest Plywood offers an open warehouse and we let all of our customers select their materials to ensure you are getting exactly what you are looking for. Also, after over 35 years of quality service Goldenwest Plywood still offers FREE next day deliveries on orders over $750! It will remain our goal to provide quality materials and exceptional service to the custom woodworking industry. Come in today and see why our customers continue to make Goldenwest Plywood & Lumber their hardwood supplier of choice!

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We know every project has its own set of material needs and here at Goldenwest Plywood & Lumber, we make it happen!